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Therapy with Bioptron

BIOPTRON Light has biostimulative effects: when applied to the skin, it stimulates light-sensitive intracellular structures and molecules. This initiates cellular chain reactions and triggers so-called secondary responses, which are not only limited to the treated skin area, but can involve the whole body.

BIOPTRON Light Therapy stimulates and modulates reparative and regenerative processes as well as the processes of the human defence system.

BIOPTRON Light Therapy acts in a natural way by supporting the regenerative capacity of the body and therefore helps the body to release its own healing potential.

The BIOPTRON Light Therapy has become accepted as a new form of treatment in prevention, therapy and rehabilitation worldwide.

Solution - Bioptron Light Therapy: a revolutionary approach to scientific light therapy
Key Benefits of Bioptron Light Therapy
BIOPTRON Light Therapy can be used both as a complementary treatment to support conventional medical methods and as monotherapy for certain indications.

BIOPTRON Light Therapy can:
• Improve micro-circulation
• Harmonize metabolic processes
• Reinforce the human immune system
• Stimulate regenerative and reparative processes of the entire organism
• Promote wound healing
• Relieve pain or decrease its intensity

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