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Colour Therapy

Using the seven colours of the spectrum, Colour Therapy aims to balance and enhance our body's energy centres / Chakras and also to help stimulate our body's own healing process.

Colour Therapy uses colour to re-balance the Chakras (our energy centres) that have become depleted of energy.

Colour has a profound effect on us on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. If our energy centres become blocked or depleted, then our body cannot function properly and this, in turn, can lead to a variety of problems on any level.

This system of Colour Healing is a new paradigm for the sick, especially for those who are doomed at present while being treated with orthodox medicine.

Colour Therapy works by matching the frequency wavelength of a colour to that of a disease, virus or infection. Patients can spend days connected with a bracelet and wire to a coloured tabulation, which in time neutralises the disease. It's basically works like a radio, you have to match the radio signal frequency with the tuner to work, and it's the same with Colour Therapy, you must match the colour frequency with the disease.

The Liley system of Colour Therapy began as an intuitive quantum leap into the future. It is a different approach from physics rather than chemistry.

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